Nando's Quick Guide


Nandoca serving

If you’re the sort of person who is prepared to work hard, play hard and have real fire in their belly, then read on and see what careers Nando’s have to offer you.

Restaurant Roles

There are many career options at Nando’s, including becoming a Nandoca (a member of one of our restaurant teams) and working as a griller, cashier or supervisor. Or you could begin your Nando’s career at management level, if you’ve got the right skills and experience as an assistant manager or a Patrao (restaurant manager).

If you'd like to join us as a Nandoca, simply pop into your local restaurant and ask to speak to the Manager about any current or upcoming vacancies. For management roles you can search and apply online at

Central Support Roles

Nandoca Grilling

Joining our Central Support function could be the thing for you - we have teams working across all departments from Finance to Human Resources, Marketing, Property and Product Development. Vacancies in our Central Support functions don’t tend to come up as often as those in our restaurants so if you’re interested in joining us across any of the departments listed above, please email a brief description of the type of role you’re looking for (along with your CV) to


You can kick start your career after leaving university at Nando’s. Get in touch with us. We can offer a fast track management development programme that is second to none. We’ve a range of graduate careers specially designed to support and challenge you, allowing you to become a Patrao (restaurant manager) in just 18 months. Application for 2011 Graduate programme is currently closed.